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Book Review: The Spanish Love Deception

I am in love with the way this book is written. A die heart fan of Aaron Blackford ❤️….the guy has my heart literally …at first I found it a bit predictable like I literally knew what’s going to happen next but the way the characters Lina and Aaron developed and the way the story line took over and the  spice and romance ( well how much romance is too much romance? )kept me hooked to it. And the writing style was sooo eye catching and unique especially the English Spanish dialogues, the Aaron Lina banter plus the romance…I loved it to the core ❤️❤️and I  would be lying if I say I didn’t feel sad finishing the book
Both the characters were extremely well written, Lina being all chirpy and clumsy at times. I was quite drawn to her the way she led her life being so outgoing and always trying to find happiness and the care and love she had for her family and ofcourse the way she handled herself after what all she went through inspired me alot
But the character which caught me off gaurd was Aaron Blackford, he had so many layers which were a treat to read and it was amazing the way each and every layer of his character was unfolded from being an arrogant workaholic to a charmant any girl would wish she had
All in all a MUST READ ❤️❤️


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